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Why Choose Us

Excellent Faculty

Our outstanding instructors use modern differentiated learning techniques to meet all student needs. Small class sizes provide the opportunity for individual attention in a boutique setting for customized programs for each unique student.

Holistic Curriculum

Our holistic curriculum is based on the A-Beka and Ontario Curriculum that effectively prepares graduates for future educational success.  The Bible is taught as the foundation for healthy minds, godly lifestyle, successful achievements, and local and global influence.

Small Class Sizes

Small classes encourage students to be aware, noticed, and to receive individual and peer support.  Students develop critical thinking, godly character training and an attitude of service as they serve in community programs.

Music, Drama, Dance, Arts

Students are involved in music, drama, dance, arts programs, and theatre productions.

Assemblies, Field Trips, Guest Speakers

Learning experience is enhanced as children participate in assemblies and field trips. Guest speakers, from a variety of careers and accomplishments, share testimonies and encouragement so that students see and hear possibilities that encourage their own dreams and achievement.


• 21st Century holistic program
• STEAM Activities
• French, Spanish classes
• Music classes
• Spelling Bee
• Arts Program
• Speech Program
• Maths, Science Competitions
• Character and Leadership Development


• Track and field competition
• Science Fair
• Field trips
• Career excursions
• Concerts
• Drama Presentations
• Graduation