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Our Values

Seven core values of Kingdom Covenant Academy are:

1. Academic excellence
Offering high standards of academic excellence in a challenging and supportive environment to prepare students for post-secondary education and a successful career.

2. Spirituality
Engaging and developing students in spirit, mind and body. We teach Biblical principles, the importance of respect for God and how to engage the help of God for maximum achievement.

3. Respect
Fostering an attitude of self respect and respect for others.

4. Courage
Inspiring courage to overcome challenges, to dream big and to work hard to achieve full potential.

5. Integrity
Nurturing hearts with good character and integrity for lifelong success and prosperity.

6. Leadership
Encouraging responsible leadership skill development and opportunities. KCA is committed in to supporting students in their leadership journey.

7. Globalism
Providing diverse opportunities for students in order that they can compete and succeed in the global economy.