Elementary student testimonials

My daughter has been at KCA since preschool. She continues to amaze us with her academic excellence and discipline with her homework. She is eloquent, confident and enjoys the love of learning and languages.  When she with cousins and friends of her age at family and social gatherings there is an obvious distinction of leadership and confidence in her.  The holistic program, small classrooms, leadership and biblical  training provide an atmosphere for special attention and grooming from loving and caring teachers.  Mr. and Mrs. Whyte

High school student testimonials

Our son Arnold was struggling in a public school with grades that would not allow him to enter University.  We brought him to KCA High School and with the small boutique classes and excellent caring teachers our son graduated with honors and is now at York University doing Criminology.  KCA is not only highly academic, it is also about training young people to make right choices in life, shaping their character, challenging them to impact their generation in a spirit of excellence. Samuel, his younger brother just completed his 6th grade in KCA elementary because for our family, KCA means excellence! Mr. & Mrs. Ruzindana

Foreign student testimonials

I enrolled at KCA as an International Student and immediately I felt at home with the warm welcome, excellent and caring principal and teachers.  As an international student, my program was not just academic but also included ministry, music, and media training, leadership training, strong accountability and guidance, I am now an honors graduate of KCA and entering University of Toronto in the Industrial Engineering program. Geno Hitolo

Three years ago my parents brought me to KCA as an international student.  I was in need of great help in many areas.  Because of the great and caring Principal, Teachers, Church Pastors, Home Stay Aunties and with God's help I was healed, delivered, and restored to fulfill my destiny.  I am an honors graduate and entering University of Toronto in the Civil Engineering program. Ari Bouraga

Post graduate testimonials

As a graduate of KCA Elementary, I am glad for the biblical training, love of learning and discipline that I develop to manage myself in high school.  The leadership training and competitive environment provided a good foundation for me to exceed in High School. I am a graduate of York University and with my Masters of Linguistics. Ruth McDonald

After graduating from KCA, I went on to complete my Electrical Engineering degree at Ryerson University and am now working in my field in the Aerospace Industry.  I received many awards and scholarships because I exceeded my peers in academic excellence, confidence, and focused behavior.  The University Professors helped me and continued to guide me as an "excellent student" that they are proud to help and open doors for. Jessica