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KCA provides an environment for students, 18 years and older, to realize their career potential through academic, personal, social and spiritual development.

This program includes:

  • Discussions on career choices
  • Academic evaluations and counselling
  • Equivalencies assessments
  • English TOEFL or IELTS requirements
  • Customized program for upgrade and University/College acceptance
  • Personal development seminars
  • Community service program
  • Extra-curricular program: athletic, artistic, recreational
  • Biblical training

Assessment and Evaluation

Students’ “of learning, as learning and for learning” are assessed throughout each semester to determine their understanding, progress and grades.

Tools include:

  • diagnostics
  • teacher conferences
  • observation
  • tests
  • assignments
  • group work
  • project work
  • seminars
  • class participation
  • leadership development

Outreach Program

Through this program students get the opportunity to serve and work in community and charitable programs.